Open: May 18th 2017

Deadline: July 18th 2017


The Editorial Committee of the Colombian Journal of the Performing Arts, invites creators, researchers and specialists to send their contributions for the edition of the Journal 2017.


We invite you to participate with contributions that talk themes related to research in the Performing Arts and specifically with: theater, dance, performance, installations, and other aesthetic expressions and practices that emerge as living arts in the encounter with the public. We are also interested in receiving articles referring to the scenic field through research that starts from the body, space, environment, new technologies of the image, in general, high level writings that dialogue the current concerns on theoretical and practical aspects. That represent a contribution, a provocation and contribute to the movement of the ideas of the object of study of the Journal.


The articles must be research products, unpublished and of high academic value, written in Spanish or English; should include abstract, keywords, author biography and institutional affiliation. The texts will be submitted, after a first analysis of the editorial committee, to a process of evaluation in the modality of "double blind", by two pairs experts in the subject.


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All contributions must be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Daniel Enrique Ariza Gómez, Ph.D

Universidad de Caldas

Publishing Director